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Every Piece Has a Story….

There is nothing to soothe the soul so well as time spent at the beach, combing the sand for those vanishing gems, or “precious”, as one friend calls it. Or maybe, you’ve an attitude of hunter/huntress, always seeking, searching, your heartbeat doubling with each great find,  always wondering what’s around the next bend. In either case, if you’re a lover of beach/sea glass you’ve probably at some time– or regularly– wondered, “where did that piece come from?” or  “what was this piece of glass originally?”

Every piece has a story– the glass, despite its makeup,  is not natural to the lake or sea. Once it was in someone’s hand, once on a ship or boat,  in someone’s home,  or maybe once part of buried treasure (so much more romantic than, “or maybe once having played a part in some drunkard’s ill-fated escapade aboard a fishing dinghy”). Looking forward to sharing everything and anything about beach/sea glass and all our beachcombing finds.

 I wiped away the weeds and foam.

I fetched my sea borne treasure home.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson


Glassing Magazine is the first of its kind–

the very first printed regular periodical all about our beloved sea and beach glass.

The inaugural issue will be published in July 2017,

and will feature a regular column by Richard LaMotte,

and a great How-To segment by Meg Carter.

Additionally, each issue will showcase a small piece of History of our glass,

and explain in detail one Color every issue.

Also, regular departments in the magazine will include Personal Story,

Collector Interview, Spotlight Artisan, The Beach Glass Home, Glassing Destination, Products We Love,

Favorite Small Business, and so much more!

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