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Every Piece Has a Story…

There is nothing to soothe the soul so well as time spent at the beach, combing the sand for those vanishing gems, or “precious,” as one friend calls it. Or maybe, you’ve an attitude of hunter/huntress, always seeking, searching, your heartbeat doubling with each great find, always wondering what’s around the next bend. In either case, if you’re a lover of beach/sea glass you’ve probably at some time — or regularly — wondered, “where did that piece come from?” or “what was this piece of glass originally?” Every piece has a story — the glass, despite its makeup, is not natural to the lake or sea. Once it was in someone’s hand, once on a ship or boat, in someone’s home, or maybe once part of buried treasure (so much more romantic than, “or maybe once having played a part in some drunkard’s ill-fated escapade aboard a fishing dinghy”). In upcoming issues of Glassing Magazine, we will be sharing everything and anything about beach/sea glass and all our beachcombing finds.


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Issue Highlights

July 2017

The Thrill of the Hunt • Rarity Chart, Dissected • The Original Beachcombers • Genuine vs. Fake • Color: Seafoam • Beach: Davenport • Artist: Dottie Gilbo, DMG Creations

September 2017

Nellie Myrtle and the Outerbanks Beachcomber Museum • Birth Glass, Seeding the Beaches • The History of Cairns • Shipwrecks of Lake Erie • Color: Cobalt • Beach: Seaham Beach, England • Artist: Stephanie Swain, Sea Glass Heart Art

November 2017

The English Multis • All About the Marbles • Glass Floats • The Phenomena of the Seiche • Maritime Glass • Color: Red • Beach: Pacific Northwest • History: Schlitz Ruby Red Bottle

January 2018

Letters From The Sea (Message in a Bottle) • The Thrill of the Winter Hunt • Driftwood • Uranium Glass • Color: Lavender • Beach: Navarre Beach, FL • Artist: Pebble Art

March 2018

Extreme Glassing • The 10 Best Glassing Beaches • Categorizing Glass • Color: Olive • Beach: Aleaxandra Battery Beach, Bermuda • Artist: SeaGlass Jewelry by Jane

May 2018

The Mermaid Wedding • Artist: Mermaid Tide Sea Glass • Mermaid Tear’s and Other Salty Names • Color: Lavender • Mermaid Tales Throughout History