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Glassing Magazine is the first magazine dedicated to sea glass, beach glass, and beachcombing. Our mission is to inform and entertain beach and sea glass enthusiasts, showcase coastal artisans, and share the rich history that can be found on beaches around the world. Through beautiful photography, engaging stories, well-researched articles, and more, Glassing Magazine brings the best of the beach and coastal arts to you six times a year. You can purchase individual articles or save through a one-year subscription, available everywhere.

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And her dance floor paved with ducats

by Tais Teng This story is the third place winner in the 2018 Glassing Magazine Mermaid Fiction Contest It was a perfect day when Joachim set sail with his father for the first time. Not a single cloud in the sky and the wind blew just hard enough to fill the sails....

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The Sea Glass Mermaid

By Laura Vallor This story is the second place winner in the 2018 Glassing Magazine Mermaid Fiction Contest With tail swishing through the water, propelling her at great speed, the mermaid hurried to get closer to the voices on the beach. She had an important job to...

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Sea Glass Wire Wrap Tutorial

By Meg Carter Humans have been creating with objects found on the beach for centuries. According to National Geographic, “Shells may have been used in the world’s oldest jewelry.” Sea glass, similar to shells, has a way of bringing out the artistic and creative side...

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 I wiped away the weeds and foam.

I fetched my sea borne treasure home.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson