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Beachcombing Magazine is the only print magazine dedicated to sea glass, beach glass, and beachcombing. Formerly named Glassing Magazine, our mission is to inform and entertain beachcombing enthusiasts, showcase coastal artisans, and share the rich history that can be found on beaches around the world. Through beautiful photography, engaging stories, in-depth articles, and more, Beachcombing Magazine brings the best of the beach and coastal arts to you six times a year. Beachcombing Magazine ships worldwide. Over the coming weeks we will be migrating our website at to but for now you can reach it at either address.

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What are your favorite apps for beachcombing?

How do you use your phone when you’re beachcombing? You use it to take photos, listen to music, and keep in touch with your beach buddies. But how do you use your phone when you’re beachcombing? We’re looking to compile a list of all the best apps for...

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Neodymium Glass

by Kirsti Scott If you’ve ever picked up a piece of sea glass that was a beautiful purple color in the sun but seemed to have changed into a soft blue by the time you got home, you may have found a piece of neodymium sea glass. Neodymium glass was produced throughout...

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Beachcombing Bucket List

What are three things on your beachcombing “want” list? What are the top three things you’d love to find on the beach? Maybe it’s something you have never found, or maybe it’s something you love to collect. Let us know by answering our quick...

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