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Bring the Beach Inside With Quality Coastal Décor​  

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Whether you’re looking to spruce up your primary residence or a secondary home, there’s no denying the endless inspiration that comes straight from the beach. From soothing sand and colorful shells to crashing waves and adorable sea life, there are so many ways to bring the beach home in a way that’s both stylish and functional.

Here are some amazing ideas for bringing the beach inside with quality coastal décor, nautical accents and, of course, a touch of creativity.

  1. Create a stunning sea glass display.

beach mason jarsWhether you collect tiny shells, pebbles, beach glass or some other shore staple, be sure to show off your findings in fun, funky style. To best capture the shiny, colorful beauty of your sea glass, fill up some coastal mason jars with your collection. These glasses can be used for drinking, but you can also embrace their multipurpose appeal for display on a shelf, mantle or dining room table. Imagine entertaining guests with a sea glass centerpiece on each table. This special touch is beachy and an amazing conversation starter.

  1. Use nautical rope accents for maritime magic.

beach rope interior decorationHave you ever admired the rustic elegance of a fisherman’s rope fence or similar decorative display? You don’t need a mega-mansion or commercial building to pull off this vision of nautical charm. Make your own by wrapping rope — which is relatively inexpensive when raw materials are considered — around a simple antique table or other piece of furniture. Or, why not save time by purchasing your own coastal rope accent table? Used as a nightstand, end table or coffee table, this maritime fixture is truly fabulous. Its neutral coloring is also ideal for matching with your home’s existing color scheme.

  1. White is the only way to go.

From natural coral and stark seashells to clean, crisp linens and classic wicker furniture, white is the ultimate beach color. A neutral palette captures the look of crashing waves on the shoreline. For an easy home makeover, bring the beach indoors by gluing some white shells to a blank picture frame. Or, for a more majestic transformation, purchase or paint your own white curio cabinet, which makes an amazing solution for housing your drinking glasses, dishware and other kitchen essentials while wearing your shore-loving heart on your sleeve.

  1. Use driftwood for DIY wall art.

love the beach sign Next time you’re searching for sea glass or otherwise strolling the sand, keep an eye out for old driftwood that you can repurpose into a custom beach sign. Remember that the more distressed, the better. With a little paint and personalization, you’ll have a beautiful work of art. So many premier shore artists also offer their own versions featuring cute beach sayings and other quintessential ocean imagery. A gorgeous piece of wood wall art works well above a mantle, behind a headboard, in the bathroom or anywhere in need of some shore spirit.

  1. Paint your own coastal pillows.

The idea of painting a pillow may seem strange, but not when you consider the typical materials used in shore décor. Most accent pieces are designed to be more durable with burlap, jute and other resilient fabrics that accept paint without a problem. Be strategic with your color choice, integrating traditional whites, blues, greens, pinks and other soft shades. If you’re not so artistically inclined, you can always buy a pair from a reputable shore artist. A set of rustic burlap pillows with anchors is a sensational complement to your sofa, chair, bed and beyond.


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