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What are your favorite apps for beachcombing?

beach combing applicationsHow do you use your phone when you’re beachcombing?

You use it to take photos, listen to music, and keep in touch with your beach buddies. But how do you use your phone when you’re beachcombing? We’re looking to compile a list of all the best apps for beachcombers, from tide tracking apps to step counting apps to shell identification apps…and everything in between!

Tell us in the comments below about your go-to apps and we’ll share them in an upcoming issue!

2 thoughts on “What are your favorite apps for beachcombing?”

  • I love my Tides app because as a writer it sort of helps me decide when I’m going to work that day 😉 but also gives info about the tides nearby wherever I am. I can save favorite (secret!) beach locations and it gives info about low tides over whole months so I can plan my life accordingly! 😍

  • I love the Tides Near Me app. It not only lets me pin my favorite local beaches, it uses my location to give me information on beaches closest to me when I’m traveling. Providing reliable tide information for up to a week and sunrise/sunset daily. Perfect for planning, or for spur-of-the-moment beach trips.

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