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Beachcombing Magazine is the only print magazine dedicated to sea glass, beach glass, and beachcombing. Formerly named Glassing Magazine, our mission is to inform and entertain beachcombing enthusiasts, showcase coastal artisans, and share the rich history that can be found on beaches around the world. Through beautiful photography, engaging stories, in-depth articles, and more, Beachcombing Magazine brings the best of the beach and coastal arts to you six times a year. Beachcombing Magazine ships worldwide. Over the coming weeks we will be migrating our website at to but for now you can reach it at either address.

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Best shelling beach

What’s the best beach for finding seashells? We are on the hunt for the best sea shell beach in the world, and are asking our readers to vote for their favorite. Help us to discover the beach with the best seashells to be found! Please vote only on beaches you...

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Color: Honey Amber

Amber, as a gemstone, is basically fossilized tree sap, or resin, and provides the origin of the color name. Amber as a color refers to an orangish brown color, located on the color wheel between gold and orange. In glassmaking, amber refers usually to the brown...

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Love Floats

By Clint Buffington I am obsessed with finding messages in bottles because they open windows into the lives of people I never could have met any other way. For me, this has always been a matter of friendship, never romance (alas!), with the exception that my lovely...

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